Nov. 11, 2015

21st Century American Blackshirts

I am generally someone who avoids labeling an opponent as fascist. I've always thought that labeling all those who disagree with you as a fascist was a nasty habit of unintellegent bullies on the far left. However, with recent controversies on American college campuses, I cannot help but to make use of the fascist label. 

I am specifically referring to the controversy at the University of Missouri (or Mizzou) of the past few days. To summarize, an African-American student reported being the subject of drunken racist verbal abuse from another student. That student is currently being disciplined. Neverthless, the Legion of Black Collegians (an African-American student group at Mizzou) wrote to campus administrators about other alleged incidents of racial discrimination. The group Concerned Student 1950 apparently was angered that Mizzou President Thomas Wolfe was not responsive enough to their demands. A mob formed and blocked Wolfe from leaving campus and then proceeded to make ever more absurd demands. The mob demanded that Wolfe read out an apology given to him and then resign his post. More demands included the usual "diversity training" and "social justice" funding that adds so much to administrative costs on college campuses today (and you wonder why your tuition is so high?) 

Protests continued on campus, with one publicity-hungry student, Jonathan Butler, beginning a hunger strike on November 2. The protesters were eventually joined by the football team, who refused to play their upcoming game. This seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak, and Wolfe resigned yesterday (along with Mizzou Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.) The mob won, with their targets laying down their heads on the guillotine. 

The mob has been celebrating on the campus since yesterday. The indispensable academic freedom group FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) reported that the mob has turned their protests against journalists attempting to cover the event, proclaiming a "No Media Safe Space." So much for being inclusive and transparent. One particularly idiotic faculty member, Assistant Professor of Communications Melissa Click, tried to grab one reporters camera and called for "some muscle" to help drive the reporter away. The journalist, a student named Mark Schierbecker, correctly noted that he had a right to report on the event. The dim-witted Professor Click responed with "You need to go." Just to emphasize, this thug is supposed to be teaching journalism to students. 

Click, Concerned Student 1950 and their accomplices in this mob are nothing less than modern Blackshirts. The Blackshirts, or squadrists, were the fascist thugs that Benito Mussolini used to stamp out opposition to his power-graps in 1920s Italy. I do not make this comparison lightly, but I do believe that it is appropriate. Academic freedom is under siege on American campuses today by so-called "social justice" advocates and their comrades. Schools should not have to set up free speech zones on their campuses-the US is a free speech zone! American college students are behaving like political gangs who seek to intimidate their opponents into silence, encouraged by the digital lynch mob of online activists. Yes, this is fascist behavior.