Nov. 4, 2016

My Vote; Part 1

On Tuesday, America should vote to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency.

 These words are something I never thought that I would write, but 2016 has been a bizarre year. I am not so much as endorsing Clinton as I am endorsing a defeat of Donald Trump. It is not an exaggeration to say that Trump has been probably the closest America has ever gotten to fascism. Trump has proclaimed that he alone can solve the supposed chaos and destruction that grip the United States of America.

 Trump’s platform is a strange cesspool of egomania, racism and contempt for anything approaching rationality. He has shown again and again that he has exactly the wrong temperament for the office of the Presidency. The Presidency is the most powerful position on the planet, and a President must make decisions that decide the fate of our nation. A man who casually endorses nuclear attacks, and who can fly into rages at the slightest criticism, is quite literally a threat to our national wellbeing.

 This election goes beyond Democrats and Republicans, or progressives and conservatives. Being a loyal Republican is not a reason to vote for Trump, as Trump could not give a damn about the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton is a lousy candidate. She is a corrupt individual who, against a decent opponent, should deserve to lose this election. Unfortunately, Trump is much less than decent.

 I’ll have two more postings expanding upon my endorsement of Clinton by Tuesday.