May. 16, 2016

Thomas Greco

(4) We need to reposition our image in the eyes of the world. We pay 73% of the NATO defense budget, even though their combined GDP exceeds ours. Why is this? We provide a variety of services around the world for no pay and no respect. Trump would not
negotiate a deal like that (Hilary would if they kick back money to her Global Initiative). Do my views make me anti NATO?

In summary, my view is that I will hold my nose and vote for Trump. Will you be critiquing Hilary next?



May. 16, 2016

Thomas Greco

Hi Rob

We are essentially down to a two horse race. It's getting to be black and white. Digital, not analogue. In today's context, one has to ponder whether your critique of Trump can be taken as a de facto endorsement of HRC.

I will comment a bit on your Trump analysis.

Yes, he is a bit of an arrogant dirt bag. I felt embarrassed watching several of the debates when he spoke. He frequently expressed ideas to which I subscribe, but he expressed them in an emotional, middle-school way. Perhaps I can improve upon his wording:

(1) What is the most radical view one can have about our southern border? I believe it is that people can cross at will, and when they get here, they are entitled to benefits funded by taxpayers, who never expressed agreement with this policy. Does my expression
make me bigoted? I think not.

(2) We should not let mass numbers of people into the country who have not been through a valid vetting process. Before we take in 10,000 refugees from Libya, can we ask Bashar Al Assad for a spreadsheet of potential terrorists? In the absence of solid data,
we need to ensure that security of the American people. Does that make me a bigot toward Muslims?

(3) Trump's business practices may be peppered with some shady actions, but I believe that the worst background is to have NO private sector experience. Trump may be trying to screw unions, plumbers, and realtors, but Hilary has generated her fortune while
wearing the uniform of the public servant.